Things I Don’t Regret

Here’s something that’s uncomfortable. Asking people you know for money for your theater company. I’m in the middle of a month where I’m doing that over and over. Every day. At least three or four times a day, I’m writing an email, or making a Facebook post, or texting someone. “Hey, would you contribute to […]

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Holy crap! I can’t believe our Indiegogo campaign has been live for one week and we’ve already raised 42% of our goal. It’s pretty astounding, and I’m so grateful for it. It’s always weird, trying to raise money to make art. We’re told over and over that artists need to “get a job,” “get a […]

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Here We Go

Dark House Theater has been a dream of mine since college. I always wanted to have a theater company. Only in the past couple of years did the idea come into focus, though. I assumed we’d do any old play we felt like, and it would be like almost  every other theater company around. But […]

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We’re launching a campaign to fund our first full season (both of these things manage to be exciting and terrifying at the same time,) on Wednesday, and we have a little ask of you. Would you give us a buck on Wednesday? In the early days of our Indiegogo campaign, we need to show some […]

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It’s weird how much I dislike seeing theater sometimes. Especially considering I’ve spent most of my life doing it. I realized this when I was writing back to a beloved acting teacher the other day, and he’d spoken about being invited to a reunion type event at his alma mater. He was delighted to have […]

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Choosing Carefully

Last year, when Dark House started gearing up for its first show, I spent a lot of time thinking about the shows I wanted to do. We had planned on opening with Veronica’s Room, a truly twisted thriller by Ira Levin, who wrote Rosemary’s Baby, which is one of my all-time favorite anythings… novel, movie, […]

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How Do We Scare You

Dark House Theater is pretty lo-fi, as I like to say. As a general rule we’re not doing a lot of shows that are all about big special effects. We’re about great stories, simply staged, with acting that is committed, clean, and strong. The thing that we try to do is present a stripped down, visceral, […]

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Why Horror? Why Now?

  Since I was a kid, I’ve been both drawn to and freaked out by the monsters. I remember building a model of Godzilla with my dad, and then later being terrified when I read the story that came along with it, of a giant monster coming out of the ocean and destroying everyone. In […]

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